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Euphorbia Baby Charm

Euphorbia Baby Charm

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Euphorbia x martini 'Baby Charm' 

A compact little Euphorbia, perfect for small spaces and even containers. Foliage darkens as the plant ages making this a striking garden addition. A sunny or lightly shaded position with excellent drainage is all this plant needs to thrive.

About New Wave Perennials

New Wave Perennials is the result of decades of experience in growing and collecting plants that are both beautiful and easy to grow.

Our nursery is located in Tasmania's stunning Derwent Valley on the northern fringe of Hobart, Australia's second driest capital city.  This location regularly experiences sub zero winter temperatures and summers that are hot and dry.

We have spent many years growing and trialling plants that perform with minimal additional irrigation and can shrug off cold temperatures with ease.

We pride ourself on offering professionally grown plants that will bring colour and movement to your garden or landscaping project.

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